Winter Garden Holiday Lighting Display

Brookfield Place New York, New York

Size: 650 LED Light Fixtures
Designers: Rockwell Group

Colorful Traditions

The Luminaries Winter Garden is an interactive and dynamic light display composed of 650 lanterns, suspended from the ceiling, and set against a backdrop of palm trees. Standing out from the traditional holiday décor, the annual lighting of the Luminaries inspires delightful moments in the midst of the hustle and bustle of lower Manhattan. Under the lights, guests find three “wish stations” at ground level, encouraging visitor interactions. Large glowing lanterns shift through a series of colors as they are touched. Once a visitor lands on a color of their choosing, they lift their hands up to the lanterns overhead, which initiates a wave of light in the color of their choosing, setting off their “wish”.

As a yearly seasonal display, the exhibit requires quick installation and precise pre-planning, while meeting the challenges of the U/L and structural codes without compromising the designer’s vision of a sleek and minimalist arrangement.

Working Around the Clock to Light Up the Night

kubik maltbie spent four months producing the 650 LED light fixtures required for the display. The installation took 5 days, working through the night, to avoid interference with the active scene in Brookfield Place during the day. With each fixture requiring precise placement, the project necessitated careful planning to ensure that the installation runs smoothly and on time to create this engaging holiday exhibit.

In its first season, Luminaries Light Show brought 80,000 visitors.