From concept to close-out, our design/build approach reduces project time,
accurately predicts costs, creates efficiencies, ensures team accountability to your objectives,
and provides outcomes that are on time and on budget.

The traditional “design–bid–build” model can compromise design intent. kubik maltbie’s design/build approach brings design partners, engineering, fabrication, and installation teams together at the onset of the project. Experienced professional consultation informing the project at the conceptual stage and throughout the journey, results in projects that fit objectives, budgets, and timelines by design.

Our design / build approach results in:

  • A cross-disciplinary team focused on client objectives
  • Team expertise considered at each phase of design and production
  • Simplified approvals ensuring schedules are maintained
  • Projects delivered on time, on budget, and of the highest quality

Creating The Plan

Creating an operational plan that integrates our in-house efforts with those of other service providers is a key component to the success of a project.

It’s critical to establish a system of communication and consider the requirements various specialties have for completing their work.

Integrating Design

kubik maltbie typically fabricates projects designed by independent design firms or a museum’s internal design staff. This makes us incredibly skilled at translating your ideas into physical reality.

Our construction documents preserve and reflect the designer’s intent, while translating design drawings into detailed technical construction documents.

Informed Engineering

Thorough, up-front, engineering is a key to the success of our exhibits. Developing an understanding of the science behind the exhibit and the intended user experience outcomes is the first step in our engineering process.

The construction documents created provide the link from the original design drawing to the finished exhibit and act as the “instruction manual” for how to build and install the exhibits.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is a key to our success. It allows us to foresee threats to the schedule or budget and devise solutions before issues arise. Each person involved in the project is a critical link in the chain of communication.

To avoid lapses in planned communication and time-sensitive executional elements, our team maintains regular contact with the client and designer for the duration of the project.

Testing To Fail

Prototypes help us prove the functionality and durability of exhibit components to ensure that they will work properly and consistently once they are installed.

We build cost-effective prototypes of components and then play-test them with people who represent a cross section of typical visitors.

We often supplement this testing and actively attempt to find weak points in the design to minimize the chances of encountering costly and time-consuming functional problems.

Controlled Construction

In addition to our in-house staff, we maintain a network of specialty vendors for services such as laser cutting, CNC machining, casting, and powder-coating.

Our in-house fabrication specialists help determine which parts and assemblies we will build in-house, and which parts will be outsourced to our network of approved suppliers.

Our construction documents, created by our engineering team, act as the control throughout the fabrication phase.

Collaborative Quality

Prior to installation, each exhibit built by kubik maltbie is thoroughly inspected and tested by the Project Manager, Shop Foreman, and client for overall function, anticipated usage scenarios, and construction integrity.

Once it passes project team scrutiny, we schedule testing sessions with representative audiences for real-life responses.

This process is then repeated on site, working in collaboration with the client team.

Beyond Opening Day

Exhibits are a costly investment that has to last for many years. We carefully document our work to ensure that you have the information and tools necessary to keep your exhibits looking as new as opening day.

We compile the knowledge we’ve acquired through the production of an exhibit and create detailed, image-based manuals that provide key information and guidelines for maintaining your exhibits.

Our Interactives Manager will use the manuals to guide training sessions museum staff, explaining exhibit operation, access to parts, scheduled maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Additionally, we often provide “How-To” video content of these training sessions to easily and accurately onboard new employees.

Our approach assures the highest quality standards

and a project delivered on-time and within budget.

Let’s get started.

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