Museum of the
American Revolution

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project Size: 17,000 square feet
Designers: Healy Kohler Design

The History of Independence

Dedicated to telling the story of the American Revolution, with a distinguished collection of several thousand objects including; artwork, sculpture, textiles weapons, rare books, permanent and special exhibition galleries and theaters, the museum brings the continuing relevance of the American Revolution to life through compelling story telling and interactive learning.

Located in the heart of Historic Philadelphia, blocks from famous Colonial American sites such as the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, the museum offers a dynamic, inspirational look at the events and people that shaped the nation.

Modern visuals and immersive storytelling breathe life into abstract historical artifacts making past events tangible and relatable.

Collaborative Coordination

kubik maltbie played a critical role in this 17,000-square foot interactive museum supervising the multiple trades and subcontractors, essential to the project. The complexity of the project required extensive coordination, and skillful organization to integrate the various trades with the particular project elements, in order for the results to accurately and consistently reflect the design plan. Key factors in the development of the exhibits were lighting integration, and mechanical interactives.

In addition, kubik maltbie acted as lead fabricator including building and installing wall and floor graphics, and display cases. Ensuring each stage of production, from design to fabrication, flowed steadily, resulted in a successfully immersive learning environment enjoyed by visitors. The objective to create an atmosphere of interactive learning and storytelling that captures the viewer’s imagination and presents a clear understanding of the period and America’s hard-fought struggle for independence, was expertly achieved.