LEGO House

Billund, Denmark

Project Size: 12,000 square meter / 129,167 square feet

An Iconic Structure

A unique creative universe dedicated to LEGO® fans all over the world, this building is composed of 21 interlocking blocks with stairs that allow people to climb to blocks’ roofs. It looks like a LEGO Architecture set, right up to the circular skylights on the highest brick. A gallery with impressive LEGO® works of art, a large exhibition about the history of LEGO® and four fully interactive play areas, are at the heart of the LEGO house. The four brightly colored zones each symbolize a particular aspect of play and learning skills: red for creative, blue for cognitive, green for social, and yellow emotional. Each offers interactive exhibits constructed to help children to develop these skills in playful ways.

Bringing Partners Together

kubik maltbie acted as main contractor responsible for design development and overall project management. Sessions were planned to fine-tune the designs, select samples, develop prototypes and testing, each zone was installed based on a detailed schedule ensuring a smooth process. kubik maltbie teamed-up with partners in interactive exhibits and interior elements, AV and IT implementation, and interactive media and creative technology to complete this iconic project keeping all partners on-track throughout the build and ensuring adherence to LEGO®’s high standards on color authenticity, durability and safety. Testing interactive elements in an operational environment with test group families provided valuable data to fine-tune details before installation and the complete integration sign-off.