MIT Museum

Cambridge, MA

Project Size: 72 Experiences
Designers: Studio Joseph 

Located in the heart of Kendall Square Gateway, the new MIT Museum is housed in a 56,000 square foot building. With an intended mission to explore
innovation and research the exhibits offer a focus on the best of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). Specific galleries include “AI-Mind the Gap” which looks at new perspectives in artificial intelligence and its potential as well as risks. “Gene Cultures” focuses on genetic research and biotechnology while “Tracing Threads” looks at the shifting movements of people in a globalized world.  Additional “work-shops” allow for research.

kubik maltbie was responsible for the integration of the audiovisual system that is comprised of over seventy individual experiences. Including a 36’ x 5’ foot LED videowall, an OLED flex display array, two multiprojection experiences, and much more.