Panama City, Panama

Project Size: 30,000 square feet
Designers: Bruce Mau Design 

An untold story of Panama’s global environmental influence…

Conceived in partnership with scientists from the University of Panama and the world-famous Smithsonian Institute, the museum tells the story of Panama’s natural history and how it changed the landscape of the whole planet – a story previously unknown even to most Panamanians.

The first Latin American building designed by architect Frank Gehry, it welcomes half a million visitors each year and raising money for conservation projects throughout the region.

Prestigious Partnerships

Exhibits interiors fabricated by kubik maltbie, are held Beneath Gehry’s multicoloured roof arrangement. The galleries include 65 sculpted animals, 30 birds and supporting angled plinths. In addition to detailing the final conceptual design using the individual animals to create a dynamic composition, each sculpture is anatomically accurate, lightweight, and durable throughout the immersive gallery where visitors to get up close and personal with the art. Elements were engineered for strength, lightness, and ease of installation.

Responsible for project management, fabrication and installation of exhibits and hardware, the project included: fabrication of exhibitry, casework, project coordination, artifact mounting, dioramas, an extensive graphics package, lighting, interactives, shipping and installation on-site.