kubik maltbie to Provide Project Services for THINK Exhibit, Science North

Competitive tender results in kubik maltbie acquiring a contract with Science North for the third time in the past five years.


kubik maltbie has been awarded the contract to contribute to the final design, prototype, fabrication, delivery, and installation of the exhibit components of Science North’s permanent exhibition entitled THINK. Science North is a leader among science centres providing inspirational, educational and entertaining science experiences. This will be the third project kubik maltbie will participate in for Science North in the past five years.

Fostering Innovation with Hands-On Experimentation
Inspired by the Maker Movement, THINK (which stands for Tinker, Hack, Innovate, Network and Know) will combine science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) to encourage hands-on experimentation with real tools, materials and processes. Visitors will be inspired to innovate, build skills, and complete meaningful activities, projects and challenges. The THINK exhibits will allow visitors to experiment and discover physics concepts, engineering processes, and new technologies. Larger exhibits will challenge visitors to design, build, and test their own solutions using a provided set of materials. The Prototype lab will offer specialized equipment to create innovative projects and designs. A suite of public workshops, school programs, and camps will complement the exhibits and expand on the themes of curiosity, innovation, and tinkering.

Major Renewal and Expanding Audience Reach
The THINK project represents a major renewal of 50% of Science North’s 4th floor. The renewal is significant because it will be a platform to expand Science North’s reach and depth of engagement with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. It will attract new audiences as well as drive repeat visitation and increase memberships.

Industry-leading Experiential Marketing Company Chosen
kubik maltbie was chosen due to their knowledge of cutting-edge trends in the industry including, development of interactive electro-mechanical exhibits; experience with reconfigurable/flexible exhibit design and fabrication; and longevity of experience in the field and the trusted relationship the hold with Science North. “We are confident in our choice on this important project for Science North. They are a proven partner for us with a practiced methodology, adapt at problem solving and can deliver the THINK project on time and on budget.” Julie Moskalyk, Science Director for Science North.

kubik maltbie will work collaboratively with the Science North Development Team and Design Team, Main Street Design, and Hands On! Studio to execute on a scope of work including: design development, prototyping, shop drawings for selected exhibits, exhibit detailing, fabrication, project management, and installation services. “We are very pleased to be once again working with Science North and are inspired by their mandate to engage people of all ages to be engaged with the science in the world around… we make sure our efforts reflect that mandate and respect the objectives of the design in every step we take to complete their projects.” Sam Kohn, President and CEO of kubik.

To learn more about Science North, click here to visit their website.